Joyo JF-14 American Sound Vintage Deluxe Amp Emulating Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

SKU: JF-14
joyo jf-14 american sound vintage deluxe amp emulating overdrive guitar effect pedal

Joyo JF-14 American Sound Vintage Deluxe Amp Emulating Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

SKU: JF-14
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The JOYO American sound guitar effect pedals is one of the UKs most popular Amp simulators from the JOYO first series of pedals. The pedal is designed to introduce the right kind of overdrive, just like an alnico 12-inch speaker pushed to the limits, adding more natural distortion to an already saturated tube. Classic !


The sound you hear on the 60's surf classics, as well as the country and rockabilly hits from the 50's is the classic fender clean sound. This warm sound which first emerged in 1953. Some describe the tone of the amp as dark, as there is less high end, but it features a full 3-band EQ in case that's really not what you're looking for. This pedal will also do the classic sounds of the early Fender Amps cranked right up, that brilliant growling, saturated overdriven tweedy sound. This tweedy sound can be heard on countless recordings, from Eric Clapton through to Billy Gibbons.


Perhaps the greatest feature of this pedal is the fact that it has inbuilt cabinet emulation meaning you can go from the pedal directly to a mixing desk, a DAW or directly to your computer/laptop with a jack to usb lead. So this pedal is essentially a DI. You can use it instead of an amp and it can save your gig if your amp fails, just put it at the end of all your other pedals and set it clean like your amp then just take the output from the American sound straight to the desk. Gig saved. Or by going direct into a DAW or even your laptop you can record direct from the pedal.


This JOYO pedal has the smooth, subtle overdrive everyone expects from fender-style tube amps near full volume. When used as a clean boost you get more liquid / sonic gold. Compression and fatness that you usually don't hear from a pedal. True-bypass wiring leaves the tone unaffected when the pedal is switched off, while quality pots, jacks and components ensure that the sound it equally as impressive when you get going.


Reproduces the sound of a Fender 57 Deluxe amp,  therefore it sounds great with everything !


Operation :
Connect the INput jack with the guitar using a guitar cable.
Connect the OUTput jack with other pedals,amp,recording interface or pa system using a guitar cable.


LOW: Adjust the low frequency;
MID: Adjust the middle frequency;
HIGH: Adjust the high frequency;
VOICE: Adjust the frequency response and the distortion; together with the adjustment of DRIVE, it can simulate many kinds of amplifier from clean to overdriven/distorted;
DRIVE: Gain control;
LEVEL: Adjust the output level.



  • Input impedance: 1M ohms
  • Output impedance: 1K ohms
  • Running current: 3.8mA
  • Powered by: 1 * 6F22 9V battery or DC 9V centre negative adapter (not included)
  • Material: Aluminum metal casing
  • Effect pedal size: 12cm * 9cm * 5.5cm
  • Effect pedal weight: 394g


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