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Beat It by Michael Jackson is a well-loved classic. Michael Jackson was known for having extremely high standards for the musicians in his band. He was meticulous; if the tone in his guitarist’s rig was slightly off for the performance, it would be corrected before they hit the stage or studio. Beat It is guitar-driven, giving the King Of Pop a bit of a rocker edge. The Boss ST-2 Power Stack gives guitar players the same dynamic power that can be heard in Michael’s hit. 


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Boss utilizes its stompbox sounds to give a versatile machine to players’ rigs.

Brothers Breakdown Recap

Let’s dive deep into the good ol’ Boss ST-2 Power Stack effects pedal. 



Boss is known for making versatile pedals. Many novice guitar players flock to Boss’ selection because they understand that the budget and quality can enhance their rigs as they build them up to their desired standard. This pedal can either create dynamic tension or intense distortion, depending on your needs. The original Beat It recording is a little less crunchy than some other popular variations of it. For example, you can use the crunchier distortion settings from the Boss ST-2 Power Stack effects pedal to emulate the sound from Fall Out Boy’s cover of Beat It. In that cover, John Mayer teams up with Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman to create a true rock and roll sound for the 1982 classic. 



Boss isn’t kidding when they call this pedal a “Power Stack.” This tiny powerhouse emulates the sound of tube amplifiers, packing a huge punch regardless of what guitar you’re playing. It gives the same “umpf” to a Fender Stratocaster that it would an Ibanez shredder. The ST-2 Power Stack effects pedal is designed to “go beyond” the capabilities of those tube amps, though. Its real magic lies within its ability to pick up on the most subtle nuances, which is a must when you’re playing classics like Beat It. 


Who’s It For

Touring musicians should seriously consider the ST-2 Power Stack effects pedal. It is made to endure; this rock-solid effects pedal can withstand even the toughest touring conditions, leading the pros at Bros to assume it would be Michael-approved. Even the harshest of critics, the most meticulous of musicians, will be able to find something nice to say about the ST-2 Power Stack effects pedal. 


We’ve been loving these pedal demos on the @BrosGuitars tiktok page. These quick breakdowns give you a taste of what we have in store, but they also encourage you to try playing with new sounds and genres. You might be surprised to find yourself a fan of something or someone completely unexpected when you take a look at the musicality that goes into their instrumentation. We truly believe that every musician can and should learn from each other. We’d love to teach you more about the Boss ST-2 Power Stack effects pedal, as well as any trinkets and treasures that we have in stock!


If you’re ready to get to know this powerhouse pedal better, stop by Brothers Guitar Shop today. We’ll be happy to help you out. Also, be sure to check back weekly for new demos on our YouTube channel, as well as weekly blog posts. At Brothers Guitar Shop, we hope to help guitar players in New York unlock their fullest potential by giving them a place to explore. 


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