Phase Shifter

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    A phaser pedal, or phase shifter, is one of the earliest guitar effects and was originally developed to recreate the sound of rotating organ speakers. Phasers were adapted to create an array of sounds in '60s psychedelia for that swirling effect
    9 products
    MXR PHASE 95 Micro Size Phase 45/90 With AC
    MXR Phase 90 Pedal
    MXR Eddie Van Halen Phase 90 Pedal
    nativeaudio midnight phaser v2
    NativeAudio Midnight Phaser V2
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    JHS 3 Series Phaser Pedal
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    joyo jf-06 vintage phase effects pedal
    Joyo JF-06 Vintage Phase Effects Pedal
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    pigtronix moon pool tremvelope pedal
    Pigtronix Moon Pool Tremvelope Pedal
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    old blood noise endeavors dweller phase repeater
    Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dweller Phase Repeater
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    intelligent harmony machine harmonizer / pitch shifter
    Intelligent Harmony Machine Harmonizer/ Pitch Shifter