Compression And Sustain

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    A Compression pedal “evens out” the dynamics of a musical performance, making the soft parts louder and the loud parts softer.


    A Sustain Pedal causes notes to be held for a set duration of time.

    6 products
    Ampeg Opto Comp Bass Compressor
    joyo revolution series r-04 zip amp overdrive compression pedal
    Joyo Revolution Series R-04 Zip Amp Overdrive Compression Pedal
    keeley compressor plus
    Keeley Compressor Plus
    Sold Out
    keeley compressor mini
    Keeley Compressor Mini
    Sold Out
    mxr m76 studio compressor
    MXR M76 Studio Compressor
    Sold Out
    mxr dyna comp effects pedal
    MXR Dyna Comp Effects Pedal