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    Distortion Pedals use hard-clipping to transform your clean guitar signal into a filthy, gritty mass of pure joy
    26 products
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    zvex mastotron fuzz
    Zvex Mastotron Fuzz
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    joyo r-17 dark flame high gain distortion pedal
    JOYO R-17 Dark Flame High Gain Distortion Pedal
    joyo revolution r series r-03 uzi distortion guitar effects pedal
    Joyo Revolution R Series R-03 UZI Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
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    twinote wax dist rock style and morden blues style electric guitar effects pedal
    Twinote Wax Dist Rock Style and Morden Blues style Electric Guitar Effects Pedal
    teisco distortion pedal
    Teisco DIstortion Pedal
    daredevil cocked and fearless
    Daredevil Cocked and Fearless
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    daredevil drive-bi dual gain distortion
    Daredevil Drive-Bi Dual Gain DIstortion
    third man records x gamechanger audio plasma coil pedal
    Third Man Records x Gamechanger Audio Plasma Coil Pedal
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    voodoo lab sparkle drive mod
    Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Mod
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    mxr prime distortion
    MXR Prime Distortion
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    boss metal zone mt-2
    Boss Metal Zone MT-2
    boss distortion ds-1
    Boss Distortion DS-1
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    electro-harmonix big muff pi
    Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
    rocktron blackjack
    Rocktron Blackjack
    old blood noise fault v2 overdrive distortion
    Old Blood Noise Fault V2 Overdrive Distortion
    zvex effects vexter series double rock distortion pedal
    ZVEX Effects Vexter Series Double Rock Distortion Pedal
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    zvex effects vertical vexter series box of rock
    ZVEX Effects Vertical Vexter Series Box of Rock
    zvex effects vexter series box of rock
    ZVEX Effects Vexter Series Box of Rock
    truetone jekyll and hyde v3
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    mxr distortion + effect pedal
    MXR Distortion + Effect Pedal
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    steel panther butthole burner
    Steel Panther Butthole Burner
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    mxr m115 distortion iii
    MXR M115 Distortion III
    daredevil british black belt (black)
    Daredevil British Black Belt (Black)
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    mxr super badass distortion pedal
    MXR Super Badass Distortion Pedal
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    triangle big muff pedlal electro harmonix ehx
    Triangle Big Muff Pedlal Electro harmonix EHX
    sonicake shark distortion pedal
    Sonicake Shark Distortion Pedal