Octave and Pitch

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    an octave or pitch pedal detects the note being place and returns it shifted to a different octave or pitch by a preset amount.
    15 products
    digitech bass whammy
    DigiTech Bass Whammy
    DigiTech Whammy DT Drop Tuning Pedal
    DigiTech The Drop
    daredevil daisho - earl slick fuzz octave
    Daredevil Daisho - Earl Slick Fuzz Octave
    joyo jf-12 voodoo octave divider and fuzz guitar effects pedal
    Joyo JF-12 Voodoo Octave Divider and Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal
    earthquaker devices tentacle v2 analog octave pedal
    EarthQuaker Devices Tentacle V2 Analog Octave Pedal
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    micro pog polyphonic octave generator electro-harmonix
    Micro POG Polyphonic Octave Generator Electro-Harmonix
    pitch fork polyphonic pitch shifter electro harmonix
    Pitch Fork Polyphonic Pitch Shifter Electro Harmonix
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    coppersound triplegraph pedal standard edition (black)
    CopperSound Triplegraph Pedal Standard Edition (Black)
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    DigiTech Mosaic
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    old blood noise endeavors minim immediate ambient machine
    Old Blood Noise Endeavors Minim Immediate Ambient Machine
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    earthquaker hoof reaper double fuzz with octave up
    EarthQuaker Hoof Reaper Double Fuzz with Octave Up
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    earthquaker devices organizer v2 polyphonic organ emulator pedal
    EarthQuaker Devices Organizer V2 Polyphonic Organ Emulator Pedal
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    earthquaker devices rainbow machine v2
    Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine v2
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    earthquaker devices astral destiny
    EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny