What is our Program about?

Since 2017, Brothers Guitar Shop has been the musical epicenter/hub of the Upper East Side.

Our community consists of working musicians with a passion to share and educate!

We believe that everyone has it in them to become a rock star!
After a few lessons with one of our teachers you will have the fundamentals, the confidence, and the desire to continue on your lifelong journey of being a musician! 

Each of our highly skilled instructors are trained and educated in music theory, instrumental techniques, composition, arranging, recording, and production. 

Our teachers are well versed in rock, funk, soul, and electronic music, as well as many other popular styles of playing.

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Became a Musician

Hands on lessons with local musicians to help you take the mystery out of playing
Serio Ripa

Professional guitarist, and an expert in all things guitar.

If you are interested in improving your technique, or just starting out, he's your guy.

Learn w/ Sergio
Derek Mac

Derek has been a music education professional for 10 years.

An extremely talented multi-instrumentalist, teaching a variety of instruments and styles.

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Rob Robles

Rob has been a professional touring drummer for 25 years.

He has a passion for spreading his knowledge and teaching drumming to eager students.

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