Brothers Breakdown: Fender Custom Shop Journeyman Relic Stratocaster in Shell Pink


Suppose you are someone looking for an electric guitar with a vintage finish and iconic look. In that case, Fender Journeyman Relic Stratocaster should be a fantastic choice for you. The guitar is classic that exudes the face of a classic showpiece that reminds you of a priceless relic. In this article, I will share all my experiences with this guitar.

Let’s Talk About The Aesthetics First 

Fender Journeyman Relic Stratocaster offers you a wide variety of customization features, such as a flat-sided alder body. The three-ply pickguard, knobs, pickup cover, and switch tips are made of plastic, giving off a retro vibe. The attaching screws that come with the guitar bear an abraded patina that compliments the guitar's overall appearance.

The vibrato bridge offers a rustic look, and the jack plate and the strap buttons. In addition, the saddles, springs, fulcrum, and intonation screws imitate an obsolete look that long-time guitar enthusiasts will love and appreciate. The guitar has a roasted maple neck that makes it look like an ideal retro piece of the olden times.

What Does The Fender Journeyman Relic Stratocaster Offer?

Holding the Fender Journeyman Relic for the first time will have the silky feel that puts you at ease with the guitar at hand. Even though it is a modern recreation of a vintage guitar, you can keenly notice the vintage aura this guitar carries with it.

The guitar has a '59 "C" neck with a rosewood fingerboard at the top, carrying 21 vintage-looking frets with rounded tops extending to the fret's edges. Also, the guitar is fitted adequately with smoothened corners to make it convenient to hold. You will notice that Fender has mainly used cloth-covered wire to ensure ease and comfort.

The Journeyman Relic Stratocaster entails single coils that are staggered. In addition, it also involves low-wind units to ensure the originality and the clearness of the tone. But keep in mind that there are plenty of customization opportunities here. You can add pickups of any size thanks to the knob while changing the style of the combo using bridge settings.

The customization feature of this eclectic guitar is an impressive feat as it allows you to access a wide range of sounds on the fly. Furthermore, the guitar operates as usual for all the other relevant guitar positions. On the whole, Fender's Journeyman is capable enough to provide you with the endurance and resonance you may be looking for.

My Own Experience With The Fender Journeyman Relic Stratocaster

The Fender Journeyman Relic Stratocaster is a comfortable guitar to hold on to for more prolonged usage. As the guitar has a flat-looking strait position, it is ideal for anyone looking for a guitar to always play on the go.

In my experience, the Fender Journeyman holds up very well in delivering excellent glassy tones in different scenarios. For example, if you wish to texturize tones by using the blend knob, you can easily do that by rolling the neck pickup. Softening the bridge's bite is another way to change the overall music experience.

The Fender Journeyman Relic Stratocaster comes with a proprietary logo, a certificate of authenticity, necessary build info, and a package that includes all the miscellaneous items. It is essential to note that the Fender Journeyman Relic Stratocaster's flexibility is mainly due to its ½ Blender wiring.



Fender Journeyman Relic Stratocaster is a poignantly made electric guitar with excellent fretwork. It is an attractive-looking guitar with a comfortable-looking neck shape that exudes the look of an actual vintage piece. 

If you look to check all these traits off in an electric guitar, this guitar will undoubtedly be a wise choice.  

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