Brothers Guitar Shop Podcast Ep.1 with Bryan Walters of The Phryg

The Bros are making a podcast! Catch up with us for a little over an hour as we discuss music, projects, and more. We’ll update the Brocast Pod once weekly, along with these Brocast Breakdowns. Grab a snack, sit back, and maybe tune your guitar while you hang out with the Bros for a bit. We’ve got lots to talk about on the First Inaugural Brocast!

Brocast Breakdown Recap

Tl;dr (but you really should get the full experience): 


Current Events

Festival (or “festie”) season is in full-force here in NYC. All the greatest venues are pushing out lineups that are beyond any of our wildest dreams. It’s the perfect weather to grab your closest friends, judge them based on their music taste, and have a good ol’ fashion fun time at a festie. We recommend using BandsInTown to keep yourself updated with current tours that are passing by your area. (#notspon)


Bros Fairytales

The Bros have big dreams. Shawn has always wanted to host his own festies and events. That was a huge part of the plan when Bros Guitar Shop was born. These days, the dreams are getting bigger, as are our resources, and they’re really working on bringing them to fruition. The Bros are open to ideas. Currently, they want to showcase music they love at unique venues. Music discovery is an entirely new beast in “The TikTok Generation,” so they hope that these events unearth a new way for people to find cool jams.


The Phryg

Our very own Bro from The Phryg stopped by for the First Inaugural Brocast. His band is a progressive rock quartet. And we cannot emphasize the word “progressive” enough. The Bros were discussing their love for ‘Floyd (Pink Floyd), and the ‘Floyd influence is strong in this one. The band plans to release an ep, with two tracks, each coming together for a total playtime of approximately 15 minutes. Their lineup is everchanging, adding a fascinating flair to their dynamic both onstage and off. We cannot recommend The Phryg enough. Even if you don’t vibe with ‘Floyd, you may discover that The Phryg is your favorite band.


Personal Tastes

The Bros Breakdown their Top 5 Favorite artists of all time! There is much debate and admittedly a little judgment surrounding The Bros’ music tastes. However, the neat thing about discussing music tastes with your friends is finding common ground among your inherent diversity. From Biggie to ‘Zep (Led Zepplin), The Bros prove that friendship can withstand even the most polarizing music takes. Shawn insists that ‘Floyd is “above the top 5,” though. He’s valid for that. Tell us your Top 5 Favs in the comments!


We do way more guitar playing than talking at Brothers Guitar Shop. Regardless of your experience level, we welcome everyone to come in and take a look around. We’ll be happy to help you out. Also, be sure to check back weekly for new demos on our YouTube channel, as well as weekly blog posts. At Brothers Guitar Shop, we hope to help guitar players in New York unlock their fullest potential by giving them a place to explore. 


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Meta Description: The Bros made a podcast! This first episode is a lot of fun. Catch up with us every week for more shenanigans in New York City.



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