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Master Of Puppets by Metallica has lived more lives than the toughest of cats. It has always been hailed as a classic, but Stranger Things recently rejuvenated its popularity by using it in its “most metal concert ever.” Metallica even approved of the nod, giving actor Joseph Quinn a signed replica of the guitar he played on the show. Plus, Joseph Quinn is a secret shredder–he played the iconic intro to the song himself on set in front of the whole cast and crew. To copy the classic, rich Metallica tone, grab your spikiest guitar and Metal Muff by Electro-Harmonix. 


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We believe that all players should at least consider an Electro-Harmonix pedal for their rig. You might as well make it the heavy metal pedal.

Brothers Breakdown Recap

Let’s dive deep into the Metal Muff (With Top Boost) effects pedal…but quickly, before Vecna gets you. 


This pedal is truly a powerhouse. It features 3 insane EQ bands, with a nice midrange control to smooth everything out. 80s heavy metal has a unique nostalgic value to it that’s prominent in its guitar tones. These settings allow players to capture that nostalgia while still leaving room to modernize their tones for their bands’ needs. Electro-Harmonix toots their own horn a bit by saying this pedal is, “a gold mine for heavy metal.” They’re allowed to pat themselves on the back for this one, though. 


If you’re playing a metal show, you need some endurance–and so does your rig. This pedal is designed for long-term wear-and-tear. It could be thrown around in the Upsidedown Mosh Pit (which did not happen in the show, but it should have) and still come out unscathed. You can stomp on this thing as hard as you’d like and it would probably still persist. We do not recommend aggressively stomping on your pedals just for the fun of it, but we can’t stop you if that’s what you’re into. 

Who’s It For

Posers and diehard metalheads alike can find joy from the Metal Mliff (With Top Boost) effects pedal by Electro-Harmonix. Stranger Things putting Metallica’s name back in everybody’s mouths has birthed a new generation of metalheads–which is really cool! We expect to see players across all kinds of genres implementing certain nods to metal, like the tones you can create with this pedal, into their work. The evolution of music is a wonderful thing to witness. Anyone who has any interest in heavy metal should check out this pedal.


We’ve been loving these pedal demos on the @BrosGuitars tiktok page. These quick breakdowns give you a taste of what we have in store, but they also encourage you to try playing with new sounds and genres. Metallica themselves said that it doesn’t matter how you found them or their song–they’re just happy you’re listening and enjoying. We agree. Brothers Guitar Shop encourages everyone to continuously have fun with what they are playing. The Metal Muff effects pedal certainly is a fun time. 


If you’re ready to get to know this powerhouse pedal better, stop by Brothers Guitar Shop today. We’ll be happy to help you out. Also, be sure to check back weekly for new demos on our YouTube channel, as well as weekly blog posts. At Brothers Guitar Shop, we hope to help guitar players in New York unlock their fullest potential by giving them a place to explore. 


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