Native Audio War Party Distortion Pedal

Brand new in the shop and to Native Audio's own lineup is the War Party Distortion pedal. The Brand new distortion comes to life as a combination of Native Audio's own Kiaayo Overdrive and a RAT fuzz distortion, although it is  frequently described in the shop as 40% War and 60% Party. 

Native Audio is an Indigenous owned company and all pedal design/artwork is inspired by Mike Trombley's (CEO) Blackfeet Nation roots. All pedals since the companies inception have been carefully assembled by Mike Trombley and Micah Kemplin in Dayton Ohio.

The War Party Offers a plethora of distortion tones from light overdrive to a full blown fuzz. Because of it's half overdrive circuitry the War Party is incredibly touch sensitive and allows you to almost even have a channel switcher within your hand which is one of the most difficult things to achieve in a distortion pedal which is another reason why it is a shop favorite!

The War Party Distortion from Native Audio is a pedal with no unusable settings, Come check it out on E 84th Street in Manhattan!!

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