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If you are someone who is looking for an electric guitar that will give you a vintage and versatile sound, PRS SE Paul’s Guitar can be an ideal choice for you. PRS SE Paul’s Guitar offers a lot of value for its price since you will find the tone and functionality it offers to be highly consistent. 

Stick to the end of this article to get a complete breakdown of this exquisite electric guitar.

What Does PRS SE Paul’s Guitar Offer?


Many features make PRS SE Paul’s Guitar stand out from others. However, two signature traits that make this guitar so palatable are its consistency and versatility. The guitar has got two small toggle switches in between the volume and tone knobs which enable players in true single-coil mode.


As it happens, the single-coil mode can play a significant part in delivering a clear and unique tone. The guitar has got a maple top that is curved around the edges which are instrumental to play the guitar with utmost comfort. Apart from this, the guitar looks and feels amazing in hands, in addition to being pleasantly light in weight.


If you decide to go buy PRS SE Paul’s guitar, you can get as close an experience as what Core series PRS can offer you. The guitar can offer you the lower end chunky chords along with a tone that is on the heavier side of the frequency that sets PRS guitars apart. In addition, you can experience a neat and clean pickup if you go down with the volume knob.


What is The Overall Sound Experience of The PRS SE Paul’s Guitar?


PRS SE Paul’s guitar is well capable of delivering a solid resonance and an exemplary intonation, which is a primary sign of a good sound experience. The guitar has the kind of neck and abalone bird inlays which is bound to throw you back to the nostalgia of the early 90s.


Once you plug your guitar in the SE, you will notice a significant difference between humbucker and single coil voice in terms of the crispiness of the sound. The reason behind this stems from the fact that the neck pickup of the guitar is positioned with the screw coils that face the neck. In addition, I found the sound of neck humbucker to be thicker than the single-coil.


Keep in mind that if you are not a fan of the thick texture of the humbucker sound, screwing down lower four pole pieces helps to churn out a cleaner sound. As it happens, I found this particular texture of the sound to be balanced and solid. On the other hand, the single-coil produces a beaming voice with its tone knocked back.


In PRS SE Paul’s guitar, you will find a versatile system of wiring and receptive pickups that will enable you to plug this instrument straight into the amp right away. Apart from this, you also get chamfered rings with this guitar which is extremely helpful for the players who want to experiment with their picking game.


This guitar will surely provide an ideal experience to those who wish to cover quite a lot of sonic ground using just one instrument. For this reason, this guitar stands out uniquely in its nature because of its exemplary consistency in all the departments a guitar enthusiast looks for.



PRS SE Paul’s guitar is worth its hype because of its amazing consistency. This guitar can have all the foundations of PRS covered in one instrument. The consistency of the guitar’s sound and its top-notch tuning stability make it stand out in its league. If you are looking for a guitar that will pack the musical heat and flexibility inequality, the SE Paul’s Guitar is definitely for you.


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