The Best Budget Friendly Guitars Under $1000


If you want to buy a guitar today, it is easy to look at the options online and feel daunted by the price, right?

However, if you shop around, you can easily find some great budget-friendly guitars for under $750 to $1,000. At the Brothers Guitar Shop, we find ourselves helping customers to find quality guitars in this price range all the time. So, what do we recommend when it comes to buying a banging guitar that won’t break the bank?

What are the best budget-friendly guitars under $1000?

Fender Modern Player Plus ($600)

If you are looking for a versatile guitar that can handle plenty of sounds, then do not sleep on this awesome Telecaster. It’s a top class guitar for the price, and as our man Sergio notes it kicks a lot of ass. Definitely one to add to your list!

Carlo Robelli Semi-Hollow Body ($400)

Another fine choice would be this semi-hollow option. Superlight yet sturdy, this would make a fine choice for anyone looking to give off those Chuck Berry vibes. A proper contender for one of the best guitars in the value range for style.

Gretsch Streamliner Junior Set ($X)

Sergio reckons that this is among one of the best examples you could find of a budget-friendly guitar. The Junior Set are among the more affordable lines set out by Gretsch, making them a great choice for anyone looking to keep their spending down). It comes in a stylish blue, and it sounds sick – what more do you want?

Ibanez Artcore Expressionist ($650)

If you want to look badass on stage, this is one to pick up. Sergio loves the ease of which the strings slide into this one, and the overall look and feel of the guitar makes it look very modern. It’s a hell of a good deal for those who want something pretty grandiose and out-there in terms of style.

Fender Ventera Tele Custom ($999)

If you want to find a custom guitar that is relatively modern, be sure to add this badboy to your list. This is a happy blend between a classic Telecaster style and a Les Paul style. It’s a great choice with plenty of toggle switches and control, as well as a fantastic look that really stands out on stage. It even has a maple neck – I mean, come on!

Squire Classic Vibe 70s ($489)

If you want to find a good priced Stratocaster, then this is a fantastic pick-up and one of our top recommendations. It has no shortage of personality and full control over everything you would expect. It might have some modern oddities that make it stand out from a proper 70s guitar, but it’s a solid one to add to your list of considerations for sure.

Ibanez RG ($399)

If you want to really stay in the budget range, then this is a fine guitar to add to your list. It has that classic look, but it makes plenty of noise and comes with a fine maple top finish. It offers easy control of volume and tone as you play, and generally offers tremendous value for those who want a guitar that offers upper fret access without getting in your way whilst playing. 

Want to find out more?

Guitar buying can be tough, especially on such a relatively high cost. If you want to find out a little bit more about the guitars we offer, then be sure to check out this video. We go into a little more detail on each guitar so you can pick-up your perfect guitar of choice and start playing ASAP. Got a favorite from the above list? Or would you like to see something else recommended by our experts?

Whatever you are looking for, you should be able to make sure that you get a great deal by sticking to the above! 

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