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We always try new things at Brothers Guitar Shop in New York City. Our location, deep within the city that never sleeps, helps us reinvent ourselves everyday. And, we love sharing our adventures with all of you! This week, we’re trying out some new endeavors, fixing some of our (bleep), and having a good ol’ fashioned fun time with our Bros. We’ll try to update the vlogs as frequently as possible. Be sure to come back every week for new shenanigans.

Brothers Breakdown Recap

Let’s take a look at the week we had!


It’s no secret that vinyl is making a huge comeback. The indie-sleaze movement of the mid 2010s saw our first wave of vinyl’s resurgence. Since then, people have gone absolutely bananas for vinyl. People across all age groups, genre, and backgrounds have dabbled in vinyl collecting. It’s become way more accessible, too. You can buy records at Walmart, which is kind of crazy when you think about it. We bought someone’s hefty vinyl collection, complete with 1,600 records, to sell at our music store in NYC. We’re so excited to get everything set up and running.



We stopped by the hardware store for some quick fixes…and got distracted, of course. Running a music store requires some DIY fixes occasionally. Thankfully, this week wasn’t too difficult. We got what we needed quickly and easily. Working with our Bros makes every level of operating our music store so much more fun. Even errands become core memories sometimes.



This was a successful week for the Bros. Everyone here loves coming up with new ideas. Dabbling in vinyl is something we’ve wanted to do for a while. The perfect opportunity arose, so we took it as soon as possible. We’ve felt even more inspired after scoring such an insane record collection. Our next big idea will inevitably drop soon!


Brothers Guitar Shop in NYC is dedicated to creating an enhanced music shop experience for New Yorkers. We always welcome new products, ideas, and more for our amazing customers. Remember, none of this could be possible without your incredible support. We appreciate you all so much.

Stop by Brothers Guitar Shop today to expand your collection, try out some new gear, or just hang out. We’ll be happy to help you. Also, be sure to check back weekly for new demos and vlogs on our YouTube channel, as well as weekly blog posts. At Brothers Guitar Shop, we hope to help guitar players in New York unlock their fullest potential by giving them a place to explore. 


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