EVH Frankenstein Strat and Striped 5150 In the House

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Here at Brothers Guitar Shop we love Eddie Van Halen. We just received 2 awesome EVH signature branded guitars in our New York City Location.

The First is a Classic EVH Frankenstein model 

EVH Frankenstrat Brothers Guitar

EVH Striped Series Frankie is the closest to Eddie Van Halen's iconic guitar, offering a trifecta of looks, feel and tone. It has an oiled finish neck, Alnico 2 EVH Wolfgang humbucker, graphite-reinforced truss rod and more. It recreates the feel and sound of Eddie's "Frankenstein" guitar, and offers a raw, unfiltered sound perfect for shredding. This guitar has a tremendous amount of history as well!

The Second the EVH 5150:

Eddie Van Halen's iconic guitar, the EVH Striped Series 5150, has inspired many guitarists with its distinctive components and design. The guitar has a red, white, and black striped finish and features a comfortable double-cutaway body shape with basswood frame, a maple neck and fretboard, an EVH Wolfgang Alnico 2 humbucker with a volume knob, and a Floyd Rose bridge. It is capable of producing heavy metal tones and staying clean and natural, making it a great choice for classic rock tunes.

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