PRS Sonzera 20 1x12" 20-watt Tube Combo Amp

SKU: 227159
prs sonzera 20 1x12" 20-watt tube combo amp

PRS Sonzera 20 1x12" 20-watt Tube Combo Amp

SKU: 227159
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The PRS Sonzera 20 Combo's two channels achieve a stunning array of tones. Bell-like chime? It's in there. Thick crunch. No problem. Heavy saturation? You got it. Sculpt each channel with independent tone controls. A global Presence knob dials in the perfect level of intensity. Inject your lead tone with a distinctive high-end snap via the Bright switch. A lush reverb adds dimension to your playing. Or use your own effects with the built-in effects loop. The PRS Sonzera 20 Combo is a solid gig- and studio-worthy guitar amplifier.

Dial in your sound with flexible tone-shaping control

You've got a lot of playing to do before you've heard all the PRS Sonzera 20 Combo has to offer. Two footswitchable channels supply everything from clean tones to aggressive high-gain sounds. The Clean channel's three-dimensional sound evokes vintage American amplifiers. The Gain channel yields everything from boosted cleans to saturated distortion. Shape your tone to perfection with independent tone controls for each channel. Add a high-end snap to your lead tones with the Bright switch. Or up the intensity with the global Presence control. If you've got a tone in your head, you can create it with the Sonzera 20 Combo.

Professional features and high-class tone

The PRS Sonzera 20 Combo is easy to integrate into any guitar rig. You've got 4-/8-/16-ohm speaker outputs, so you can connect an extension speaker cabinet to push more air. And the built-in effects loop integrates your time-based effects without impacting your tone.

Comes with Stomp Box

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