Joyo Jp-02 Guitar Effect Pedal Multi Power Supply

joyo jp-02 guitar effect pedal multi power supply

Joyo Jp-02 Guitar Effect Pedal Multi Power Supply

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JP-02 amplifier power supply has been well recognized by music lovers all over the world. Each of its circuits has independent short-circuit protection and independent short-circuit protection indicator. Even if any one of the roads is short-circuited, other branches can work normally. With a user-friendly LED control switch design, the LED array illuminates all effects on the board.

7-channel 9V100mA output, 1 channel 9V500mA output and 12V, 18V output each, to meet the power supply requirements of any different effects.

In the JP-02 power supply part, we use the high-current output step-down switching type integrated voltage regulator circuit produced by National Semiconductor Corporation. The chip has perfect protection circuit, including current limit and thermal shutdown circuit. The peripheral components form a high-efficiency voltage regulator circuit.

Features low-noise, high-performance and peripheral-simplified switching, the power adapter fully meets the six-level energy efficiency standard, meets national certification standards, and provides extremely comprehensive safety certification and excellent performance protection functions, including overcurrent protection overload protection and overheat protection, etc.

With a whole patent layout, it is safe and secure, simple and cool, easy to carry the effect of the power supply, which let you enjoy unimpeded music.