Martin 13NB Nut, Blank, Captive bred Bos taurus

Martin 13NB Nut, Blank, Captive bred Bos taurus

Martin 13NB Nut, Blank, Captive bred Bos taurus

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The Nut, Blank, Captive bred Bos taurus (SKU: 13NB) is crafted from high-quality Bos taurus (cattle) bone, providing excellent density and acoustics for musical instrument applications. Ideal for crafting custom guitar nuts, this blank ensures superior vibration transmission and tone quality, crucial for enhancing the instrument's sound.

Features and Benefits: Vintage Aesthetic and Build Quality:

  • Material: Captive bred Bos taurus bone
  • Finish: Natural, ready to be shaped and polished according to custom specifications.
  • Application: Perfect for creating guitar nuts that contribute to precise string spacing and height.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: Varied (specific measurements needed for crafting)
  • Weight: Lightweight, exact weight varies per piece
  • Color: Natural bone color

Included in the Box:

  • Nut, Blank, Captive bred Bos taurus

Ideal For:

  • Luthiers and guitar technicians seeking high-quality materials for custom setups.
  • Musicians looking to customize or upgrade their guitar's nut for improved tone and playability.
  • Crafters needing durable and acoustically superior material for various musical instrument applications.

This blank nut made from Bos taurus bone is a crucial component for anyone looking to enhance the playability and tonal quality of their stringed instruments, offering a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern performance.

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