Martin Guitar Cleaner Polish - 4 oz

SKU: 18A0134
Martin Guitar Cleaner Polish - 4 oz

Martin Guitar Cleaner Polish - 4 oz

SKU: 18A0134
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The Martin Guitar Cleaner Polish is specifically formulated to provide optimum cleaning, polishing, and protection for your guitar. This product enhances the natural beauty and luster of the guitar finish without causing harm to its delicate surfaces. Ideal for daily use, it helps keep your guitar looking its best and extends the life of its finish.

Features and Benefits: Effective Cleaning and Preservation:

  • Material Compatibility: Safe for use on all types of guitar finishes, including nitrocellulose, without leaving any residue or harmful chemicals behind.
  • Formula: Specially formulated to remove fingerprints, dust, and grime while adding a layer of protection against stains and moisture.
  • Application: Easy to spray and wipe design, ensures a hassle-free application and even coverage.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: Typically comes in a compact bottle, easy to store and carry in your guitar case.
  • Volume: Available in a standard size (e.g., 4 oz. bottle), providing ample supply for regular maintenance.
  • Color: Clear

Included in the Box:

  • Martin Guitar Cleaner Polish Bottle

Ideal For:

  • Guitarists looking for a professional-grade cleaning solution to maintain their instrument's aesthetic and protective finish.
  • Musicians who regularly play and handle their guitars, necessitating frequent cleanups.
  • Any guitar owner wanting to ensure their instrument remains in pristine condition over years of use.

This guitar cleaner and polish from Martin is a crucial tool for anyone serious about their instrument's care, offering a quick and effective method to maintain the guitar's shine and protect its finish.

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